American Range Residential
Legacy Electric Double Wall Oven

Legacy Double French Door Electric Wall Oven

Welcome to a New Age of Electric Ovens

The American Range Legacy II – Electric Wall Oven is ushering in a new era of sophistication, precision, and expertise. Designed with the user in mind, this oven was completely engineered from the ground up to excel in all areas of the cuisine and culinary experience. It’s simple, sophisticated design will look great in any kitchen and is available in hundreds of colors to ensure that it can be the accent of any good design. It’s simple control interface makes it fast and easy to operate and set to any mode you like, but hides the true fully computerized brain behind the scenes. And it’s Easy Clean mode will make it a breeze to manage! With LED lights, low energy consumption electronics, smart bake settings, and cooking logarithms that have been extensively researched, developed, and tested, will be sure that you get the most out of your new oven!


  • Warming mode to keep food warm without over cooking.
  • Dehydrate mode to blow convection fan without heat.
  • Smart Bake mode uses well tested cooking logarithms.
  • Convection Bake to help promote airflow and even heat.
  • Convection Roast perfect for proteins.
  • Smart Roast mode uses well tested cooking logarithms.
  • Broil at up to 3500 watts.
  • Proof to help improve rising bread.
  • Easy Clean mode for a fast and easy clean up.
  • Oven Indicator lights indicate when oven is in operation.
  • Simplified control panel to ensure ease of use and quick access to oven features, modes, and operations.
  • Oven heat range up to 500°F

*Manufacturer expressly reserves the right to make changes to the product, product selections and their specifications without notice.


Electric oven wall wattage:

Bake element    3,500 watts
Broil element     3,500 watts
Convection element       2,500 watts

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